There are numerous reasons water damage can fill your house and produce disastrous conditions for you to have to deal with. Let the professionals offer you a TOTALLY FREE estimate on water restoration if you have water damage in your home or workplace. We can remove this unhealthy condition to stay clear of irreparable damage. The longer you wait to call more water damage is being done to your house! Water Damage Services in Riverside and Surrounding Areas

Residential Restoration Services

Did you have a bathtub overflow? Was there flooding in your house? Did a pipe burst? Regardless of what happened, the water needs to be cleaned up. We know your home is your most important asset. Protect your investment from any flood damage with our experienced crews. Our technicians follow strict procedures to ensure your home is shown the respect it deserves all while providing Water Damage Restoration Services guaranteeing that all moisture is safely removed and completely dried.


Guaranteed to arrive faster to your disaster!
Flood Army comes to your defense to protect what is most valuable... your family... your home... your business. We are available 24/7 for water damage emergencies. We serve all of Riverside, California and the Inland Empire including Moreno Valley, Corona, San Bernardino, Redlands, Yucaipa, Fontana, Jurupa Valley, Rialto, Highland, Colton, Loma Linda, Chino, Ontario, Rancho Cucamonga and more.

Commercial Restoration Services

We know how important it is to operate your business with as little interruption as possible. Business interruption can be costly. Our crews protect your building and contents from as little damage as possible. We contain it, remove it and work with a schedule that disrupts your business operations as little as possible. Let us be the key to protecting two of your company’s biggest assets: Your work facility and your employees’ health while they are on the job. Disasters most often occur without warning and when they do, one of the keys to your company’s success is making sure your facility is functional and safe for your employees as quickly as possible.


The importance of having a IICRC Certified Water Damage Technician

Water damage can be deceptive. Water penetrates into structural cavities creating trapped pockets of saturation. The detection of water in these areas can often only be discovered with sophisticated moisture detection meters. Undetected moisture will continue to cause damage. This damage, at a minimum, will cause odors. Greater damage will surface when materials delaminate, shrink,

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Man escapes flash flood within seconds

Quick thinking saved this Southern California man from major water damage   Thanks to an intense El Niño, Southern California has seen flash flooding for most of the week. This terrifying dashcam footage comes to us from Southern California, where the state’s short-term water woes have been solved this week with intense rain storms. YouTube user


FEMA urges Californians to buy flood insurance before El Niño

With drenching El Niño rains anticipated to begin more than a month from now, the Federal Emergency Management Agency is urging Californians to buy flood insurance, even if they live in areas of low to moderate risk. “If there was ever a time to buy flood insurance, this is the time,” said Roy Wright, FEMA’s deputy


What to do when your house is flooded

When Emergency Water Damage Occurs   1. Control the Damage Your wiring can be impacted, use caution around electricity! Contain Water If damage is being incurred from a plumbing malfunction, immediately shut off the water. Secure Possessions Move all of your possessions to dry ground such as valuables, documents, and electronics. Documentation Make sure to document

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6 Common Causes of Water Damage

6 Common Causes of Water Damage The primary causes of water damage we see are: Overflowing Toilet Commonly caused by clogged pipes or septic system  Leaky or Broken Water Heater Prevent water damage by maintaining regular inspection of units Burst Pipes Old or ill fitted pipes can burst in and under your home Heavy Rain