Flood Army Water Damage Services was founded by Eddie Yaros in Riverside California in 2014. With over six years of experience in the restoration & construction field, Eddie has a comprehensive understanding of the restoration business, including hands-on technical knowledge, insurance industry practices, current regulations and health codes, and the unique concerns and requirements of customers in need of restoration services.

We provide expert services to those whose homes and businesses have experienced damage. This could be caused unexpectedly by storms; or by more conventional means, such as busted pipes, fires, flood or mold damage.

Whenever a water-related disaster strikes, it “always” seems to happen at the most inappropriate time possible. Whether it’s just a broken water pipe, a burst hot water heater, sudden storm damage, vandalism, or even a fire; Time will be one of the worst problems you’ll have to deal with during and after an emergency!

If the required professional restoration services are not performed in a timely manner, the damage and the costs-to-restore will very often increase exponentially; in bad cases this could even happen as each day passes.





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